Workforce Training & Coaching

Positive psychology is largely about using your best individual character strengths to excel while at the same time enhancing feelings of well-being and optimism.  So, when applied within your organization’s workforce, the principles of positive psychology coaching can have far reaching positive effects in employee satisfaction, health, and productivity.  This makes it a great fit for organizational training.

It is well documented that positive eamotion increases creativity and problem-solving ability.   And while positive emotion is a valuable asset for all members of an organization to possess, it can have the most profound effects within the leadership of organizations.  Managers that are happier generally perform at a higher level – creating great teams, inspiring co-workers, and engendering loyalty.

Managers then become more effective change agents and models of positive emotion, which puts them in a much better position to effect positive emotion among their direct reports.  This creates a positive spiral that eventually impacts all areas within the organization – creating a culture of wellbeing and positive change.

The Flourish for Life Center for Positive Health can design highly effective positive change programs based on the specific needs of your organization.  Give us a call today at 919-468-3900 to find out how.