Workforce Positive Health & Wellness Programs

Positive health is concerned with how a person’s physical and emotional well-being compliment and affect one another.  And this interaction can be quite profound.  Numerous studies have shown a strong correlation between physical and emotional well-being. This correlation offers exciting possibilities in enabling organizations to affect positive health outcomes through the application of positive psychology practices.

Positive psychology practices can drive positive emotion.  And positive emotion is known to significantly aid in fighting what should be a major concern for all organizations – workplace stress.  Work stress management is rightly a topic of high importance to leaders at the most forward thinking organizations.  Prolonged exposure to stress puts your employees at increased risk of many health problems, including:

Weight gain

Heart disease

Sleep problems

Digestive problems

Back pain and other muscle pain

Anxiety, Depression & Moodiness

Memory loss and concentration difficulties

The effects of the above on your organization can be quite significant, having negative impacts on absenteeism, presenteeism, productivity, and of course healthcare costs.   Significant studies have shown that pain and depression negatively impact productivity to the cost of $90 billion to U.S. employers.  These productivity costs are much more significant than the direct healthcare related costs of treatment for these conditions – as much as three times the cost!  In fact, these presenteism costs can dwarf the costs of absenteeism to an organization by about three to one.

Fortunately, employers can have a major impact on these costs by implementing employee wellbeing programs that take aim at work stress management and weight loss.  These are the two areas that can have the largest and quickest impacts on both employee health and costs.  And these two health issues are often closely related as stress very often leads to poor nutritional practices and weight gain.  A Rand Corporation study showed that there is approximately a 50% return on dollars spent on an effective wellbeing intervention program.  The bottom line is that the right program is good for your organization’s bottom line.

The Flourish for Life Center for Positive Health can design highly effective positive health programs based on the specific needs of your organization.  Give us a call today at 919-468-3900 to find out how.