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Hypnosis for Public Speaking: An Effective Way to Gain Self-Confidence in Front of an Audience

Most people get nervous when speaking in front of an audience. Though some may be able to deliver their speech despite their nervousness, a majority of people cannot overcome their stage fright.  So, if you’re struggling to keep your mind focused when speaking to a large group of people, you’re not alone.  Do you lose your self-confidence when facing a crowd?  Do you always fear of having a speech “disaster”?  If so, there if help in an approach that you may not have considered – hypnosis!

Public speaking is one of the most feared activities in the world. According to a study published by the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Health Care, 75 percent of the global population have public speaking anxiety, a condition also known as glossophobia [1]. People who have speech anxiety often experience having sweaty palms, shaky legs, and butterflies in their stomach. Others may have palpitations, muscle tension, nausea, and dry mouth.  These “abnormal” feelings right before speaking further intensifies their speech anxiety.

Public speaking hypnosis, the induction of a deeply relaxed state that opens the mind to suggestion and behavioral modification [2], is one of the most effective ways to gain self-confidence in front of an audience [3]. By placing the mind into a hypnotic state, the hypnotherapist can:

  • Reframe the way you view your public speaking anxiety
  • Condition your subconscious mind to relax and absorb new suggestions on how to reduce the physical impact of your anxiety
  • Help you let go of the critical thoughts and other negative feelings about public speaking
  • Make your mind open to new coping mechanisms that can help you deal with your public speaking apprehensions


By using hypnosis for public speaking to overcome your stage fright, you can:

  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Calm and relax your mind inside and out
  • Turn off your inner critic
  • Let go of your negative past experiences, thinking, and habits that contribute to your stage fright
  • Strengthen your patience, discipline, and resilience
  • Rediscover your natural spontaneity for a more confident performance
  • Use the aspects of your previous performances to your advantage
  • Reduce your dependence on negative coping strategies such as cigarette smoking, drug use, and over eating
  • Feel in control when speaking in front of an audience
  • Control physiological responses, such as going blank, dry mouth, and shaky voice
  • Focus on your message and forget on what others may be thinking
  • And, enjoy public speaking!


You do not need to suffer because of your public speaking anxiety.   You do not need to avoid situations that require you to share your thoughts in front of an audience.  By using hypnosis for self-confidence, you can better understand the causes and effects of your fear and develop a strategy that can help you overcome your public speaking anxiety [3].

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