Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnosis for weight loss has proven to be a very effective method of getting to a healthier weight for many people. Hypnosis is also a natural weight loss method – perfect for those that want a solution free of prescription drugs or surgery. Additionally, hypnosis can help to change behaviors permanently, providing lasting weight loss results.

Oftentimes, someone knows what to do to lose weight and gain better health, but they struggle with motivation, emotional blocks, or stubborn negative behaviors. If this is what you are experiencing, weight loss hypnosis may be all that is needed to move past these self-limiting blocks to success and finally reach your weight loss goals…Read More

Mind-Body Weight Loss

The most successful weight loss programs take a mind-body approach. The reason that this approach is more successful than traditional methods is that weight gain and weight loss can be complicated due to the close and intricate interaction of the mind and body. So, the comprehensive and integrative nature of a mind-body weight loss approach is well-suited to address the multiple issues that are usually at play when someone is overweight or obese.

A mind-body weight loss program can deal with emotional drivers of eating, like stress. Many people react to stress by binge eating…..Read More